My name is Cathy D. Gallagher

You can just call me Cathy!

Cathy D. Gallagher
AKA cottonomz

My handle is a mashup of the word, "cotton," and the onomatopoeic word for eating food, "omnomnomz" because I am cotton-soft & love to eat (I do not eat cotton). Nice to meet you!

I am a freelance illustrator looking to draw you a graphic, or to collaborate with other creatives on special projects. I work in the NJ/NY area but am open to online commissions! I am New Jersey born-&-raised Filipinx who is passionate about: food, art, activism, & dogs. I'm a chocolate-lover and a fan of local cafes, & Utada Hikaru. I'm also mother to a teenage pup, some various plants, and an aquatic turtle. Talk to me about leftist politics, ukuleles, your pets, your favorite anime, the type of glasses you wear, or the types of video games you enjoy!

Hit me up! 

Email: cottonomz@gmail.com
Feel free to email me about commission rates, requests, & guidelines!

Lurk into my social media pages!

twitter: cottonxmz
instagram: cottonomz

`Serious inquiries only please!
``I retain the right to decline any requests &/or offers
`Please do not re-post my art

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